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Serving food to travelers is one of the best thing can be done for humanity

Palestinian father searching for his kid under the ruined house bombed by Israeli

teray jism k lia muhabbat nahi ki thi

agar tum kisi ko dhoka dainay may kamyab hotay ho

jab koi shaksh bar bar

dekho yar jo

mard apni man pasand aurat say self respect khota hay

پاکستان قوم کا نہ سر کا پتا نہ پیر کا پتا

sanki hay pagal hay - kia logay tum

maula ya salli wa sallim ﷺ

Cold drinks disadvantages - کولڈ ڈرنک کے نقصانات

کبھی جو سانس بکھری ہو ۔۔۔ مدینہ یاد کر لینا

Without Net no Life is... Plea of a Pakistani man in English

Gandhi and Jinnah on bank note by Umer Sharif

This nation doesn't deserve Leader like you

when your wife loves you much

What is Hajj - Animation

How to wear the Ihram - كيف تلبس الإحرام

عليك الصلاة عليك السلام ﷺ

مرد گھاٹ پر بیٹھا چور اور عورت کی الٹی گنتی

Kaun Achi Aurat aur Kaun Acha Mard

fitna - فتنہ

life of remote - if remote is a person

That's the son a father proud to be :D

la la, mafi floos - no no, no money

Oh legs game... wait for the end for hilarious sound

UAE astronaut shares video of Makkah, Madina from space

Kaaba Tawaf Time Lapse Video in Hajj during Covid following SOPs

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