Way to Mix Studio!

کیا آپ کا بچہ نشہ کرتا ہے - How would you react if you saw your child smoking a cigarette in home

Secret videos of Girlfriends and blackmailing - Urdu TV Program for Girls - Sar-e-Aam

Billion sleep Hungry while Billion tonnes of Food is wasted - Father and Hungry Child

What goes around comes around Help others and let blessings follow you - Jobless and Interview

Winning doesn't always mean you cross the finish line first

When you are murdered

نفرتوں کے شہر میں چالاکیوں کے ڈیرے ہیں۔۔۔

Go Hard

Dont Hurt and Harass - Educate Children

Do it your self mask to prevent coronavirus

Take care and feel for those who in need

Take care and feel for those who don't say

رشتوں کو استعمال کر کے کنجر کتے ہی فائدہ اٹھاتے ہیں

Life was so beautiful back then..! Moments lost as time passes by...

عورت کا گھر برباد کرنے والے

When you are Sad for some reasons

Winter Danger - Cats in Car Engines

Tujhay kyon banaya tha, Tu nay kia kar kay chor dia - Telephone say Mobile

Be careful when you use free wifi, hotspot at cafe, airports, malls, hotels

Backstaber and Fake people

blessed are the merciful

Sometimes, you need to go back few steps to start a new life

Jaisa bura karo gay Waisa aik din zaroor bharo gay - Wait for time to come

اصلی اور گھٹیا نسل کی پہچان

At least dogs are loyal


Be careful with floor mat and accelerator in car

There is no replacement of Time that passed through

آپ کی تھوڑی سی افطاری کسی کی مکمل افطاری بن سکتی ہے