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Let me eat - Child focus on even when life is unfair and laughing

Managing triplets - cute MashaAllah

This is how Indian media talk show goes. Parody

Shadi kyun ki

Scammed shopping and Hotel room

Smile of scared 90 years old man

From client requirement to project deployment - Blunder of communication - lol

Abbuuuu.....پکڑے گئے

Dimag k Keeray ka ilaaj aaj bhi na mumkin

What you want to be in future? Trump :)

ریسرچ - برتن دھو اور ٹینشن ختم کرو :D

Wrong number of Bhagwan - भगवान की गलत संख्या

After effects of India Pakistan dogfight. Message for India in this shared video

India attacking on Pakistan 😳 War lead by Kangana Ranaut

Cat trying to save leaking water

When I check my Bank Balance

You fail If you dont act wisely in life same as you dont use same tool wisely

When you looks at your friends code - Tom Jerry

Adding new feature to existing code

When husband get a chance - Outburst at Robbery

Old but Gold couple - Penny water bottle show with a Laughter

Amazing teacher personalized handshake

Building Minimum Viable Product is much easier than we think - Father of the year

Lip sync battle

Typical Handover when one leaves organization

Higher management contributing in Project :D

Make Joy Happen - Joy Story

When you are the one who doesn't get the joke