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may mangnay nahi aya shehbaz sharif

PTI vs Imported Govt vs Awam

Story of my Life

بھکاری اعلئ کی تقریر

biwi ko bolo aur parhai karo haan

Dilip Kumar PTI vs PMLN - Hilarious Dialogue

Aik shareef shohar ki kahani

Politics Father and Son scene

مہنگائی اور عمران خان کی عوام دوستی

When you order red bull from grocery

بکرہ دوام

Restaurant to Restaurant order prank call

When mom not at home

Survey - Are you Married or Happy

Think to cook small with small

Return to Work from Home but didn't get it off, lol

Pakistan Olympics Fun

10 sec video on Risk Identification & Mitigation Plan - Project Management

Choose your friends and loved one carefully

Bakra Eid Special - Kali Bakri Safaid Bakri

Happy Father's Day

When Wife is Pilot and Husband is at ATC

Taking Vaccine in Middle East

Innocent cat reaction on counting money funny

Happy New Year - کیونکہ کلینڈر بدلے گا ہم نہیں

Night shift job vs Chokidar

Funny parody edit of politicians

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