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With Money you can buy this but not this...

طلاق کیوں ہوتی ہے

درود اُن پر سلام اُن پر - ﷺ

One Loyal Girl is Worth more than a Million Hoes

درود و سلام سے کیا ہوتا ہے - اللهم صِل وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد ﷺ

Happy New Year - کیونکہ کلینڈر بدلے گا ہم نہیں

دم زندگی، رم زندگی، غم زندگی، سم زندگی - Dam-e-Zindagi, Ram-e-Zindagi, Gham-e-Zindagi, Sim-e-Zindagi

With Money you can buy this but not this...

Night shift job vs Chokidar

30 seconds = 700 free hasanat (rewards) Surah Ar-Rehman verse 1-6

Poor or Rich - When you are sad for being not having those things or dream for what other have

This couple was just a step away from Divorce

How To Handle In-Laws and Interference

How Fake Friends Ruined This Relationship

Marwa Zainab Motorway incident Hang the Rapist

Police and Rapist

Punishment for Rapist

Solution Hang the Rapist and Chop Off them

CCPO mentality and Rapist

مالک اور مزدور - Malik aur mazdoor

JF-17 Thunder in Virtual Royal Air Tattoo Show 2020 at RAF Base Fairford UK

کیا آپ کا بچہ نشہ کرتا ہے - How would you react if you saw your child smoking a cigarette in home

Funny parody edit of politicians

پاکستان میں گیم بند ہونے پر عوامی راۓ - ہنسنا منع ہے - PUBG

Billion sleep Hungry while Billion tonnes of Food is wasted - Father and Hungry Child

What goes around comes around Help others and let blessings follow you - Jobless and Interview

Fixing Bug in Production

یا اللہ رحم ): لعنت ملک کے بے غیرت حکمرانوں پر

Thanday thanday pani say nahana chahiya

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