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Aao kaila baichain

tiktoker life :D

Without Net no Life is... Plea of a Pakistani man in English

Gandhi and Jinnah on bank note by Umer Sharif

when your wife loves you much

life of remote - if remote is a person

That's the son a father proud to be :D

la la, mafi floos - no no, no money

Oh legs game... wait for the end for hilarious sound

Guilty but Hapily Married

Aao kaila baichain

jeevan may sukh, shanti aur private employee

T20 WC - Who is qualified - Pak vs Ind vs Eng vs Nz

پاگل کی پہچان

laughing time, when you see who you either want to see or dont want to see :D

may mangnay nahi aya shehbaz sharif

PTI vs Imported Govt vs Awam

Story of my Life

بھکاری اعلئ کی تقریر

biwi ko bolo aur parhai karo haan

Dilip Kumar PTI vs PMLN - Hilarious Dialogue

Aik shareef shohar ki kahani

Politics Father and Son scene

مہنگائی اور عمران خان کی عوام دوستی

When you order red bull from grocery

بکرہ دوام

Restaurant to Restaurant order prank call

When mom not at home

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