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laughing time, when you see who you either want to see or dont want to see :D

Give confidence to daughters, they will then be awsome Do your best

Adhaan given at Mountain Ohud

Respect your mother, Maa ko izzat do

Iftari ka haq - Parosion ka khiyal - Taking care of neighbours

Forced love, Danday ka zor

Paisa, Khooshi aur Pizza

Sindh Assembly speech regarding money spend - Dr. Seema

Allah ka zikar - Hazrat Ibrahim aur Farishta ka waqia

Indian army chief provoking terrorism in Pakistan and instability.

Jawano kay lia paigham

Tounge - Recipe for Disaster - Control it - Kamal el Mekki

Inside Roza e Rasool sallallaho alaihi wassalam

Fake antibiotic child syrup being disbursed, Jali aur gair mayari bacho ki dawaiyan di ja rahi hain

Talaq ki Qismain aur Masail, Divorce Information Types and Rules

Car Breakdown Help Surprise

Ruler living with faith, Saeed bin Amir, Sahaba ki Hukmurani

Yeh Ziyadti Hay by Arif

Assi kithay a bethaien haan - Punjabi

When non technical person asks questions to technical person - Facebook and US Senate

Do not lose your blessings and happiness - Mufti Menk

How can you deny Muhammad (peace be upon him)

War on Gaza Annie Lennox

Heartbreaking Poem of Palestinian Girl - English Subs

Think Before You Post Facebook - Privacy

Main To Panjtan Ka Ghulam Hoon

Kar nahi sakta

When life is unfair - Yousuf (alaihiassalaam) and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) life

Signs - And who knews - Bonaa Mohammed, with Subtitles

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