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الله يعين... الله رحمنا ورح امهاتنا...

Somewhere in china... pray for everyone, it could be you...

Take care and feel for those who in need

Take care and feel for those who don't say

Ali Maula Ali Dum Dum - No Music

Companions - jogiya - When loyalty comes from Animals instead of Humans

رشتوں کو استعمال کر کے کنجر کتے ہی فائدہ اٹھاتے ہیں

الله يعين... الله رحمنا ورح امهاتنا...

Life was so beautiful back then..! Moments lost as time passes by...

Mens brain vs Womens brain

Gali muhallay kay dukandar aur Masoom bachian kaisay Nishana banti hai

کسی کے ساتھ غلط کر کے

Jab life may lights hi Red hon

کیا خوب کہا ہے - Urdu Lines

Roke na Ruke Naina

When you know nothing about computers, Hilarious!

When you are Sad for some reasons

Winter Danger - Cats in Car Engines

عورت کا گھر برباد کرنے والے

AI vs AI Two chatbots talking to each other

The Ideal Wife

Thinking about Dirvocing - Abdullah ibn Umar - Quran 4-30

Childhood school race :D

بچیوں کی قرآن کے سائے میں رخصتی, تربیت اور گھر کی تباہی

گرتے ہوئے پتوں کی نصیحت

Jeene de na - vocals only - lyrics - anonymous

Tujhay kyon banaya tha, Tu nay kia kar kay chor dia - Telephone say Mobile

Al Ghars Well, Madinah Munawarrah - بئر غرس بالمدينة المنورة

Dekhne Sunne Mein Baray Intelligent Businessman Lagtay Hain

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