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UAE astronaut shares video of Makkah, Madina from space

Kaaba Tawaf Time Lapse Video in Hajj during Covid following SOPs

when cat joins taraweeh

Guilty but Hapily Married

Why people getting against to instituation because of few people

سود، شراب اور سور - برا دین دار بنا پھرتا ہے

پرانا مکّہ کی عکاسی - old makkah virtual tour at jeddah superdome hajj expo

keep running - behind the scene - photography

Money cannot buy Happiness

یہ لڑکیاں وائرل نہیں ہوں گی کیوں کہ ان کو ٹھمکا لگانے نہیں آتا

Aao kaila baichain

kab tak yeh nasal viral ho kar khatam hoti rahay gi

jeevan may sukh, shanti aur private employee

T20 WC - Who is qualified - Pak vs Ind vs Eng vs Nz

Serving food to travelers is one of the best thing can be done for humanity

Parha Likha Jahil Kaun Ego

Phool khiltay hain parh parh kar Sallay Ala - پھول کھلتے ہیں پڑھ پڑھ کے صل علی

Shikwa Jawab Shikwa

nasal ki pehchan

پاگل کی پہچان

Tashbeeh Counter

laughing time, when you see who you either want to see or dont want to see :D

Karm Ka Phal Bhogna Parta Hai - Being Unethical

Happy Independance Day

Independence Sacrifices are not Piece of Cake - And we forgot what was Pakistan

calling for an emergency dispatcher or rescue 911 or 999 or 15 or 1122 or 112 or 117 or 997 etc.

Hussain minni wa Ana minal Hussain - حسین مجھ سے اور میں حسین سے

کیا پایا کیا کھویا - یزید و حسین

duniya ko dukh batana

hath pakar lay ab bhi

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