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When you looks at your friends code - Tom Jerry

Adding new feature to existing code

When husband get a chance - Outburst at Robbery

Old but Gold couple - Penny water bottle show with a Laughter

Amazing teacher personalized handshake

Building Minimum Viable Product is much easier than we think - Father of the year

Lip sync battle

Typical Handover when one leaves organization

Higher management contributing in Project :D

Make Joy Happen - Joy Story

When you are the one who doesn't get the joke

When your toddler is suspiciously Quiet

Problem of Neighbour WIF- LOL

Runaway Boxing - lolz

Cricket - Dancing Lovely Cheerleader

When coding is Life

Assalamu Alaikum Eid Mubarak - Quadruplets Hugging

Hmmm... Its Eid - Cats and Baloons Celebrates

Finally doctor failed Child Injection Lol

ٹیلر بولا، باجی کپڑے تیار ہیں، فورا آجاؤ اور باجی آگئیں

Garmi ka tor - Karachi Sindh Larkana Nawabshah Jacob abad walon kay lia gift

Anwar Maqsood Airline Experience - PIA Airblue Travel

When the doctor is Beautifull

Bachanay wala farishta a gaya - No Problem

You get what you Asked for Coffee suger stirrer at bar

Forced love, Danday ka zor

Car Breakdown Help Surprise

When teacher call Student randomly for Presentation

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